Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wild About Wildflowers Part II by Gardener Cumax

Remember those cute adorable seedlings from 2 months ago? They've blasted from the soil to orbit their flower heads about 24" up. The annuals that is. Still green but in need of sunlight from the towering bachelor buttons lie some seven perennials. As predicted, when sowing annuals and perennials at the same time, annuals win out. Still be determined: if the perennials come back next year. To ensure that they will, I'm pruning back these buttons. I would pull, but everything is so tightly packed that I'll be yanking the perennials as well. In this 16' x 2' long "living mulch" I estimate there are about 500 Bachelor Buttons. I'll be happy to cut away half of them. But the gardner snake won't; s/he loves in down there.

Here's what they looked like in the spring.

Wild About Wildflowers