Monday, July 20, 2009

July in Tallgrass Toni's Garden

Thanks to the frequent rain showers and my ability to use irrigation water, flowers are popping in my garden. Let's take a little tour.

I planted this Jade Sunflower inside the house in April. I later found out you should directly seed sunflowers into the garden. It survived being transplanted in May. (See Rob Proctor's latest book, Gardening on a Shoestring.)

Looking back into my garden journal, I discovered that these three daylilies, Bittersweet Holiday, Egyptian Elf, and Chorus Line were planted in 1986. After they bloom, they should be divided.

I got this sweet mini rose at the Master Gardener Sale in 2008. I think it is Himalayan something or other. Can someone help me out with this one, please?

I purloined the seed from this Hollyhock Black Knight from a neighbor's garden.

This Evening Sun Sunflower is a volunteer from last year and is around eight feet tall.

Now if I can get the bindweed and quack grass under control, I would be a happy camper.