Tips for Senior Gardening

Nance Tucker working in the Jeffco demonstration garden
Many of us from the baby boom era are approaching retirement thrilled to finally have time to play in the garden but also with angst because our bodies just don’t function as they once did. After I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, I thought my gardening days were over - not so. I continue to garden and continue to learn. However, I needed some inspirational tips and science-based knowledge to improve my long-term, quality-of-life in the garden.

The following blogs in this series on Senior Gardening include tips and techniques I’ve learned along the way to make gardening easier, safer and more enjoyable. Titles for the upcoming blogs include the following:

  1. Mature Gracefully with your Garden, 
  2. How to Design and Modify your Senior Garden, 
  3. Accessible Garden Pathways,  
  4. Raised Planting Beds and Container Gardening, 
  5. Tools to make Gardening Safer and Easier.
--Carol Russell and Nance Tucker