Monday, June 8, 2009

Music/Photo Essay of Kendrick Lake Garden by Kim Bone

I was watering the xeriscape perennials at Timberline Gardens a couple of weeks ago when a couple approached me wanting know if we had a plant that they saw at Kendrick Lake Gardens. The plant had a bell shaped flower. That was just not enough information for a novice like me. I directed them to Sally with the floppy hat and radio assuring them she would be the better resource. Before they turned to go they asked me; "Have you been out to see the gardens at Kendrick Lake?" I said, "no." They told me I should go that I would have a wonderful time and that the gardens were beautiful.

That very next week I went to Kendrick Lake Gardens and from my visit I created this music/photo essay. I took the photos and my friend Andy Niave, a music writer, wrote the original score. If you haven't visited the Kendrick Lake Garden, you should. It is a truly magical sustainable experience. I also think that the bell shaped flower that the couple was looking for was a Clematis fremontii, a plant that is native to eastern Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska. Can you spot it in my photos? What a cutie!