Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bindweed Mites by Mary Small

Recently there was a program on NPR that discussed bindweed mites, a biological control agent of field bindweed and some of its relatives. I found some background information for you on the internet that discusses their biology and also about a distribution program that Adams County is doing in July. You may want to refer folks to this information.

The main points to keep in mind about the mites is that they don't perform well in irrigated sites (i.e. irrigated lawns) and it takes a few years for them to successfully control the bindweed. According to Tony Koski, CSU Extension Turf Garss Specialist, a product that contains Quinclorac (i.e., Ortho's Weed B Gone Max plus crabgrass control) does a really good job of bindweed control in home lawns. Spot treat only.