Monday, May 11, 2009

Workbench by Gardener Cumax

When we bought our house, the garden had been neglected for maybe 15+ years. It used to be a rental. While it was remodeled inside, the outside had been neglected. There's many to list but I'll limit it the garden: it was overrun by a 40+ year old grapevine and Alium. Holding this chaos in more or less was an old red fence. It served no purpose but to frame the garden. Down it came and overwintered near the shed. It was reborn late last week as a workbench. I talked with my neighbor to make sure he wouldn't mind my workbench being installed directly onto the fence. He didn't care in the least, so I got it up in about 2 hours. Among other things, that involved removing the nails. Let me say this: they do not make nails like they used to. All of the nails came out perfectly straight which means I get to re-use them. And they don't make nails this thick anymore. I used a level to make sure the baseboards are level as the fence itself slopes down to the east. I made sure to get the heigh correct. I'm happy to report that this bench is ergonomic for me and much too high for my sweetheart - but she leaves all the potting and plotting to me. While I was removing the boards I came across several ticks and this large one, about 1/4" wide.