Monday, November 26, 2012

Political Yard Signs as Plant Supports by Stan Ames

If your candidate won and you’re “wired” or if you candidate lost and you’re droopy you can still have fun and do something practical with the remnants of the campaign.

Remnants? Yes, the left over yard signs are a valuable source of materials.  If your candidate had a lots of funds and used the plastic corrugated signs you can make a fairly decent tomato, bean  or pea plant cage out of three of the wire supports and six plastic wire ties. 

If the candidate went frugal and had the plastic sleeve that slides on a single wire  frame you can make supports for the long stemmed flowers you will have next year by simply bending the cross member into a “C” shape.  

You can even make them look good by painting them “Forest Green”

Now, as for the signs themselves.  You can use the corrugated plastic ones for place mats under your pets food dishes, under the kids or grand kids water coloring projects, etc.  (You should be careful as to the candidate you use though……don’t scare the kiddies.I just spray mine a dark color.

You can use the plastic slide on sleeves this way too and they have the advantage of being able to be turned inside out to hide the candidate.  Unfortunately, like much of the rationale used in our candidates speeches, they don’t hold water.

I usually get five or six sets of these frames every two years and they last for a long time.  This year was not very good.  A woman in a maroon Subaru was swiping them before I could get there.