Friday, September 25, 2009

A Chronological Conundrum by Gardener Dave

A task remains for me to do

It happens every fall

For with the weathers changing scene

comes Standard Time’s recall

My quandary is, my earnest friends,

(this gives my brain a trial)

that I don’t have “no” outside clocks,

just a big, round, bronze SUNDIAL

I can change all my “inside clocks”,

(so many I can’t keep track)

To change a SUNDIAL’s not my thing

How do you set it back?

I could unbolt it at its base

and turn it “just a crack”

but then I think: “It will be cold,

and no one will keep track!”

For a SUNDIAL is a summer thing

like working in my garden

And I won’t need its sunny face,

(For this I beg its pardon)

Through winter months and early spring,

I can “hear” it through my window

“When are the people coming back

to read my pretty shadow?”

But then it will recall the poem

(the words still show their form)

It will take heart and carry on

through cold and icy storm

For on its disk the poem is thus

for everyone to see -

“Grow Old Along With Me -

The Best Is Yet To Be!”

Gardener Dave