Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is There a Bright Spot Here? by Carol King

February is a miserable month for gardeners in Front Range Colorado. It’s 60 degrees one day and 37 the next. Most warm days are too windy to be outside and even if you can there’s not much to do. It’s too early to uncover anything, maybe a little watering if you’re lucky. Mostly I just sit around and growl. Even the chores to do in the February Garden are lame.

Things like:

Clean, sharpen, and inventory your tools. Do you think someone who treats their tools this way would do that?

Plan and draw out your vegetable garden plot. I’m sorry, I’m a plunker. I plunk it where I feel like it.

Order seeds early. Let’s see: sunflowers, peas, pole beans, carrots. There that’s done.

Pick off and destroy insect eggs. Oh, Please.

Grrrrrr, dear gardener, Grrrrrr

I will take the advice of one sage about February chores: “To recover, apply cups of hot chocolate and another good catalog.”