Monday, August 29, 2016

How to Store Fruits And Vegetables for Winter by Carol King

Photo CSU Extension
If you have had a successful year in your garden or purchased an abundant amount of fresh fruits and vegetables from the Farmers’ Markets, farm stands, or from your CSA membership, it’s time to put that food away for the winter!

There are several choices for over wintering produce. Your main objectives should be safety and preservation of flavor and nutrition. These fact sheets from Colorado State University Extension will give you careful advice and processes for the best food storage systems.

To ensure the safety and quality of your produce, first handle and wash it properly: 

Choices in food preservation include:




Root Vegetables:

Food Safety: Strategies that can be followed to minimize contamination and help lower the risk of food borne illness:

If you have more specific questions about food preservation, please call the Consumer Education Agent in either Boulder County (Ann Zander 303-678-6238) or Arapahoe County (Sheila Gaines 303-730-1920).