Plant Diagnostic Clinic

CSU Extension/Jefferson County Plant Diagnostic Clinic consists of paid staff and volunteers with specialized training in plant problem diagnosis.  The facility is equipped with microscopes and other diagnostic tools for fungal and bacterial culture; some virus testing and pine wilt nematode detection. Please note that no hardwood tree samples can be brought to the Jefferson County Plant Diagnostic Clinic from Boulder County.

Who We Serve: Everyone!
  • Homeowners
  • Landscape maintenance/consultants
  • Landscape contractors/architects
  • Turfgrass (lawn, golf course, sod growers)
  • Arborists and nurseries
  • Vegetable and herb growers
  • Garden centers
What We Do
  • Identify causes of plant problems including insect, disease and environmental issues.
  • Identify landscape weeds and plants
  • Recommend management strategies for pest problems
  • Identify home lawn problems
  • Help you save money by avoiding unnecessary pesticide applications
  • Provide information on pesticide alternatives

Jefferson County Plant Diagnostic Clinic
15200 West 6th Avenue, Unit C
Golden, CO 80401-6588
ph: 303-271-6620

fax: 303-271-6644