Wednesday, January 18, 2023

My New Favorite Houseplant! by Pam Hill

Photo: CMG Pam Hill

This is my new favorite houseplant because it grew so quickly and is already blooming!  

Oxalis triangularis or false shamrock is a delightful houseplant in Denver.  A native of South America, it is a rhizomatous ornamental garden or houseplant, hardy only to zone 8.  Plants can be green, variegated, or deep maroon with small white or pink flowers.  The leaves close at night or when disturbed.

Courtesy: Wikipedia

Plant oxalis in loamy potting soil with good drainage and allow the surface to dry between waterings. They will grow in full sun to part shade and may go dormant in the fall or if too hot or dry.  If that happens just cut back and wait for new growth.  

Other common names for this wonderful plant: Love Plant, Purple Shamrock, Purple Wood Sorrel

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