Thursday, October 22, 2015

Plant Amaryllis Now for Holiday Blooms by Donna Duffy

Amaryllis is one of the easiest bulbs to grow and will generally bloom 6-10 weeks after planting. Bloom time varies a bit among varieties, so be sure to check the label on the bulb you are considering. If you want a blooming Amaryllis for the holidays, now is the time to plant!

Photo courtesy greenthumb20
Perhaps you would like to have Amaryllis blooming throughout the holidays. Starting now, plant one Amaryllis bulb every week for three to five weeks. That way, the bulbs will offer a near continuous bloom during the holiday season.

If you wish to modify the growth rate of the bulb, try modifying the temperature. To speed up the bloom, put the bulb in a warmer spot. Conversely, you can slow the growth by putting it in a room with temperatures in the 50-60 degree range.

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For detailed instructions on planting your Amaryllis, check out Patti O’Neil’s blog article Amaryllis: The Joy That Keeps On Giving.