Sunday, September 8, 2013

Plant Spring Blooming Bulbs in September and October by Carol King

Fritillaria meleagris photo courtesy
Have you ordered your spring booming bulbs yet? This is the time to do so. I know we are mostly tired of gardening but remember how wonderful the spring is when the spring bloomers make their appearance!  September and October are the best months for planting bulbs.This will allow ample time for the bulbs to become well rooted before the ground freezes. Bulbs planted after October may not have time to root adequately and therefore may not flower uniformly in the spring. 
There are many bulbs to choose from including tulips, daffodils or narcissus, crocus, snowdrop, grape hyacinth and scilla.  Try some more exotic bulbs like Fritillaria meleagris, or Snake's Head Lily, striped squill, and allium. You can order them from catalogs, or buy in garden centers and big box stores.
Plant the bulbs at a depth consistent with the level indicated on a planting chart. As a general rule, this depth is four times the height of the bulb between the soil surface and the tip of the bulb. Make sure to plant the bulbs with the growing tip up.
For complete planting guidelines, try these Fact Sheets: