Saturday, June 1, 2013

Help for Lawn Problems by Donna Duffy

It’s that time of year – our lawn can be a delight or a headache. How’s the health of your lawn? Do you have problem areas that you just can’t remedy? Do you have sections of the lawn that look different from the rest? Is your new sod languishing in the heat? Are brown spots popping up unexpectedly?

You aren’t alone - most of us experience lawn problems at some point during the growing season. In fact, lawn problems are the number one concern brought to Colorado State University Extension offices in many urban and suburban counties. The good news is that help is just a phone call or click away.
Curtis Utley conducts a Lawn Check with Golden resident Jack Brennan
CSU LawnCheck provides onsite assessment of lawns with recommendations for improving the lawn and solving insect, disease and other lawn problems. Although diagnosis of lawn problems can sometimes be accomplished by looking at small lawn samples, lawn diagnosis is better done and more accurate when the total situation, including irrigation coverage, is examined during a site visit.
Curtis checking the irrigation system
In Jefferson County, LawnCheck costs $75 per hour or any portion thereof plus $.50 per mile to and from the CSU Jeffco Extension Office. Details about LawnCheck services are available at: or you can call 303-271-6620 to schedule an appointment.