Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gnome- Gnapping? by Gardener Dave

A recent article in the Denver Post about kidnapped lawn gnomes prompted me to dabble a bit more into “Gnome Incidents” in other places and at other times.  Apparently they are popular – it’s almost a cult thing!   Stolen or not, they really are hot!  According to the Post article, one home in Arvada had nearly 150 gnomes stolen in late July of this year!  A couple of other links to gnome information and incidents are included below.

Hmmmmmm…  Scientists have done a lot of work sequencing the human genome – I wonder if anyone is working on the gnome genome?  It should be interesting – and strange!
Hey out there!  Do any of you bloggers have more “Gnome Capers” to share with us?

(My poem below has a rather strange meter (rhythm) to it, but gnomes are rather strange too, right?)

A Poem for Gnomes

All hail to the proud “Garden Gnomes”,
adorning the landscape of homes

Art object (or not)
they stay in one spot,
don’t complain if their hot,
and watch over all they can see

They really are popular themes,
even posing in some magazines*

Whilst I’m walking my Beagle,
past yards humble, or regal,
– anywhere that they’re legal –
they pop up ‘midst flower and tree

They add to the ambiance there,
no matter what colors they wear

Each one is a true little guard,
protecting the house and the yard,
letting nothing get trampled or marred
Unless they are “GNOME-GNAPPED”, you see !

*Gnomes are regularly shown in garden and travel magazines, including in Travelocity ads.

Gardener Dave