Thursday, May 13, 2010

Waiting for the (Real) Spring by Gardener Dave

Sometimes it takes so very long
for spring to come again
I check my tools and look outside
Will today bring snow or rain?

For when we like to plant and dig,
be Mother Nature’s child,
it seems the cold lasts much too long
“Will it ever just stay mild?”

Sometimes I say ”Spring’s finally sprung!”
and it will last this time
But then it comes and goes again
like my thoughts when making rhyme

One day in April it might come
It might last several days
Then winter’s cold takes o’er again
and mocks our foolish ways

May gives us so much promise
with sunny, balmy days
But even then it still might snow
and hide Sun’s warming rays

Now, if it snows In June this year
I’ll just take it in stride
Our altitude will get the blame,
and it won’t hurt my pride

We gardeners are a hardy lot
“Hope” is our middle name
You’ve got to be an optimist
to live with “false spring’s” pain

Gardener Dave