Thursday, October 29, 2009

October’s Scary Themes by Gardener Dave

Here are three little Haikus to remind us
it’s Halloween time again.
Just in case you didn’t remember, ha!…

Toothy pumpkin grins
Ghosts and goblins everywhere
Halloween is here

Bedsheet ghosts abound
Kids in costumes on my porch
Trick or treaters rule!

Zombies beg for “brains”
Vampires search for toothsome necks
Chills run up my spine!


Gardener’s have a few fall tasks to do to
prevent some of the “scariest” things that
otherwise might happen with winter cold.

1. Drain sprinkler systems and disconnect

garden hoses from faucets to prevent

frozen pipes – Expensive to repair!

2. Remove wet soil from clay or ceramic

outdoor pots to prevent freeze cracks
and other weather-related damage.
Keep them dry over winter.

3. Rake up leaves and litter from lawns to
lessen the chances of snow mold or other
diseases on the grass if snow cover persists.

4. Prune weak limbs from trees and shrubs
that might be broken by heavy snows.
Trunk bark may be damaged if limbs
fall and strip downward under the weight.

5. Lay in a supply of gritty sand to spread on
steps and sidewalks to prevent falls on ice.
Kitty litter can get yucky, and use of ice-melting
salts can damage nearby perennial plants.

By the way – we all know that Halloween starts
in September, Thanksgiving and Christmas start
in October or even MUCH earlier, right? At least
we do if we check out the stores!

Happy Holidays!

Gardener Dave